New Book

I am super excited to share with everyone my new book on Angular, Angular 6 By Example.

Angular by Example

As Angular evolves so should our content around it. Angular 6 By Example has been updated in line with the best practices, tools, and features that Angular 6 has!

Since my last book Angular 2 By Example was released near end of Nov, 2016, the framework has matured and the ecosystem has rapidly evolved. The basic concepts introduced in Angular are still intact as the framework continues to expand and enhance in a number of areas including performance, improved API, internationalization and others.

The content of the book too has been updated to keep it in sync with the latest Angular release. While the general narrative and the exercises remain the same, we incorporate Angular CLI into our development process, and a number of sections across chapters have been rewritten for easy read.

As with the previous versions, Angular 6 By Example too follows the Do It Yourself approach. Targetted towards beginners - intermediate audience, the book covers a number of Angular concepts which include:

  • Angular Components
  • Directives
  • Forms
  • Client-Server Interaction
  • Testing
  • Migration from AngularJS

If you are starting you Angular journey today, we will be happy to have you onboard. You can buy the book on Amazon, Packt and a number of other distributors.

Happy Reading!