Author, mentor and above all a software craftsman, I'm Chandermani.
An expert on .Net stack and Angular aficionado, I have been building products/solution for the web for more than a decade. I work for Technovert, where we build some cool SaaS based products. Follow @Chandermani


AngularJS validation directives library javascript directives validation angularjs angular I wrote a set of directives that make validation in AngularJS a tad simpler.The directives are available at have detailed about the directives on my company website there is also a jsfiddle to play with Read more

Common Pitfalls using AngularJS angularjs angular I recently blogged about some common pitfalls using AngularJS on my companies blog. Anyone interested in the details should visit my post at. can also subscribe to my feed hereHappy Reading :) Read more