Author, mentor and above all a software craftsman, I'm Chandermani.
An expert on .Net stack and Angular aficionado, I have been building products/solution for the web for more than a decade. I work for Technovert, where we build some cool SaaS based products. Follow @Chandermani


Developer to Client Representative ratio From the time I started software development, time and again I have faced one issue which hinders with the progress of software execution cycle. The scenario goes like this. There are n people in a team generating result at a... Read more

Namespace aliasing and extension methods Namespace c# alias One of the interesting thing that i learned today is, namespace aliasing can break extension methods declared in the name space.To safeguard against this situation add the same namespace again without alias. For exampleusing alias=X.Y.Z;should be changed tousing alias=X.Y.Z;using X.Y.Zand... Read more

Integrate ELMAH with WCF and Azure Azure ELMAH WCF Integration I recently integrated ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) with our Azure application. ELMAH is an excellent error logging and reporting libary available for ASP.Net. We used ELMAH for logging all unhandled service exceptions in WCF and ASP.Net. While there... Read more